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Nonbinary they/them, just call me Perish I really like pico's school and I'm a massive piconjo nerd

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-Just some basic info on me! stuff like things I like and other misc stuff, along with stuff like info about collabs-

-So about me!-


_Basic info_

-Hi! Just call me Perish, if you don't like that call me Danny-

-I go by any pronouns and I really don't care what you call me by, I do like they/them-

-Media I like: I love Pico's school, madness combat, Farcry, Skyrim, Fallout, Piconjo, Obscure games/shows/movies in general, south park, Toontown, Metal family, more-

-Music I like: Mindless self indulgence, My chemical romance, Korn, System Of A Down, Battle tapes, Rare Americans, Green Day, Jack Conte, Insane clown posse, Mother Mother, Fall out Boy, Slaves, Set it off, Grandson, Hollywood undead, Tally hall, Creature Feature and more-

-Other things I like: Drawing and making art, Experimenting with art, Goth/Alt junk, Making characters, playing video games, Fashion and makeup and more-


_Art trades/Collabs/Group stuff_

-Art trades: I am usually open for! just give me your Discord so I can message you easier since I don't check my newgrounds as much as twitter or discord, I will ask if it's okay to post my art after the trade and so on-

-Art Collabs: I love doing art collabs! similar to art trades I would like to have contact somewhere else, Also for big art collabs I sometimes get confused so forgive me-

-Writing Collabs: I can also do some writing but it isn't my strongest skill, I call help set up plots and help make characters-

-Game Collabs: I can do art but that is it since I have no programing skills nor do I know anything about making music, I

can also voice act if you really need a voice actor but note It won't be that great since I have barely voice acted before-

-Other: I am mostly up for anything, I also enjoy doing concept art and am almost always open to do some new projects-


_Other Contact info_

-Twitter: @/lolzperish-

-Instagram: @/perish_thanks-

-Discord: perish#7759-


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